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Quickly pitch your songs to music publishers, record labels, and artists or find an agent or manager as a performer.  We connect you to hundreds of music publishers, record labels, agents, and managers via our submission service that sends out an e-mail query for you to hundreds of contacts.


We have about 1500 contacts in our databases.  Since we started the company nearly 6 years ago, we have featured these databases:

         - Music Publishers (400+)

         - Record Labels (650+)
         - Music Agents and Managers (400+)


Your personalized letter goes out under your e-mail to each contacts and you'll hear back in 1 or 2 days, sometimes within hours.  You also get a report of the companies contacted and the names of the contacts.  It could take you weeks to put together this contact information and individually send out these letters -- but we have put it all together for you.


We include most styles, including country, pop, gospel, rock, blues, jazz, folk, and world music.  We are members of the Country Music Association, Gospel Music Association, West Coast Songwriters Association, and other music and songwriting groups. Here's a more detailed description of how the process works.


It really works!  See our testimonials from previous clients. Our latest are these:

        "I just wanted to express my gratitude and pleasant surprise with the results of the query letter you sent out for me a couple of weeks ago.  Long story short, I ended up with a little over 80 requests for my songs which left me both overwhelmed and excited...So, I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you.  Thank you."

                          Mike Cramer
                          Nampa, Idaho


       "Today is Monday and you sent  the letters out on Thursday.  The response has been VERY good...It looks like we got about ten or 25 positive responses, that is: 'Yes, send me your songs and I will listen'...I can tell you that I am SO GRATEFUL to you for encouraging me to start with your program.  It's like the door has been opened for has be OPENED.  THANK YOU  and your associates for helping me get this far.  I am still an EMBRYO but with your help, I will progress into development.  THANK YOU again."

                                William Purdy Sr.

                                South Saint Paul, Minneapolis


            "Congratulations for sure.  You were doing a great job, and now you will even do better and gain even greater heights in your projects.  We are so proud of you and know you will always do your bet to help whomever you are in contact with that never knew you helped them.  Keep writing and helping others."

                           J. Gale Kilgore

                           Big Springs, Texas


We target your query based on your type of music, provide guidelines for writing a good query, and review your letter before sending it to make sure it will be effective.  We can write a query for you, too.  We use dedicated mail server to send your query out quickly and effectively.

We started off with queries for book writers and screenplay writers, and also can send queries and releases to anyone to the media.  You can see testimonials about our service from over 250 previous clients and people in the industry in our section on these Web sites.  Many got deals with top agents and major publishers.   We were featured in an article on using e-mail queries to publishers in the Wall Street Journal and Contra Costa Times.

We expanded into the music industry, since we began pitching our songs this way and want to help others do the same.